Please read our


At the airport

If you want to be picked up… let us know! It's actually the best and safest way to get to us! If you take a cab, always take the taxis registered at the Airport. Recommended ones: Taxi Green

Other taxis will try to bring you to places where they get commissions… They usually tell you, we are full… not the case! We always have a place for you (if you have booked, your room WILL be here!)

Be strong! Always go where you wanna go, don't let the taxi driver influence you.

Don't leave your stuff unattended at anytime and don't accept help from strangers (Its sounds pke mom, but always good to say it).

Please don't smuggle drugs or illegal substances. It's a bad idea!

At the hostel

Although we all are really nice people, always put your stuff in the lockers… we want to avoid any troubles.

Strange people are not allowed into the rooms, only guests.

All of our rooms are non smoking. You have the common areas to have a fag.

Drug use is strictly forbidden inside the hostel.

Anything you need, the staff is there for you!!

Feel free to tip the staff!

At the city

Keep your eyes always open… don't take much money on you and its better if you leave your important documents at the hostel.

Take certified taxis. They have to have their id

There will be kids asking for money… don't give them money. Usually they work for the mean parents who want to profit with other people social sensibility. If you want to help, food or something else will do.

Even though Peruvians are nice people, cities are the same all around. If it doesn't feel right, it is not right.